Search Engine Optimisation - small changes with big results

Can SEO companies guarantee you 100% to get your website to number 1 in Google?

Put simply NO! It is not possible to make a 100% claim about search engine optimisation. This is because all search engines have different rules for calculating the quality of a page to the search terms entered. Quite simply, they get wise to deliberate tricks trying to achieve high rankings which are not deserved - such as link farms. Google has a policy of blacklisting websites from its search results which use some automated submission software tools.

We focus on building web pages which are relevant and fair to the content they hold while following realistic strategies to improve ranking. Different search engine submissions have different budget implications. For example Google is free, Yahoo has a free simple submission and a faster paid submission service.

What is PPC Promotion?

Given a realistic budget, we have run effective Google Adwords campaigns for clients. One such case resulted in 300 online quotes (in a 3 month period) for a small conservatory business costing the client around £1 per sales lead on average.

Compare that to the performance of a £400 - £500 newspaper advert which was only generating 10 enquiries and it is easy to see which was a better return on investment (ROI).