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So many websites seem to use general text that you need a microscope to read it!

It may look great when printed out, but it must suit your target audience on the monitor.
Unless all of your audience sit with their faces so close to the screen that their noses are almost touching it, they are going to have to proactively strain to read (many website users do not realise the zoom features exist in browsers). Normal human behaviour trends indicate they will move on to another website which is easier to read.

It is true that you can develop accessibility features into your page to increase or decrease the font size. Users do not like being made to work for information which should be simple to see in the first place. We put a lot of effort into making sure that the focus of the website designs we develop is positive to the end user experience as they are your customers.

Does the website design perform for our users?

If you are thinking 'the text needs to be small so it can all fit on the page' - wrong! This indicates that the structure of the website content is not right. If there truly is a valid reason for why the user would want and need such a large quantity of information then there will be better ways of delivering it.

These techniques might include an adapted site structure, excerpts of important points with the full article in the form of a PDF, Word, Spreadsheet, Presentation type downloadable files.

What type of website do you need?

We give free consultation advice on what type of website is appropriate to your needs. For example: you may have a large scale web application idea and you need to have a working prototype to demonstrate the concept, to test the market, secure further fundings etc.

In this case we would develop a specification to help focus the ideas and to get the system running

Alternatively you may have an existing website design which does not work for your business and it needs revitalising and
promotion to get it achieving your business goals. e.g. www.swann.uk.com

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