Scalable Database Design - powering your company into the future

On most projects we either work with a MySQL varient or a MS SQL Server database solution to enable a robust multi-user system to work properly with a tailored database schema. Whether it is a brand new or existing schema, we take care to review the current and future expected problem domain of your business when investigating the database design so that it is developed to grow in a planned manner to your business needs and requirements.

Expensive, Time wasting, Unhappy customers!

Firstly, a good database is wonderful. It saves time and energy and enables you to manage complex systems with a realistic data model and therefore deliver more efficency to your customers with your existing staff.
However, if your database has come into existence more by accidental evolution rather than by planned design, there are common faults which tend to occur. Examples of these may be:

Business Data Red flag Questions?

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  • The one table database, with hundreds of columns
  • Multiple databases with partial copies of data in each other
  • Data loss / deletion
  • Slow Performance

These can all lead in various ways to an unhappy experience for staff and customers. Huge amounts of time and effort will have to be spent fixing data mistakes which, with a good design, need never occur.

How can we help?

We can carry out a review of the current state of your system and discuss how to improve and fix any issues you may be suffering from.
Alternatively, you may not have a database set up at present but may be thinking about doing so. Contact us and we will help you save time by getting the design you need to support your business.